What is CEOs in Schools?

On November 5, 2021, nearly 200 Tampa Bay area CEOs will volunteer an entire day at Hillsborough County public elementary schools. CEOs will see, hear and do the things that our public school educators and students experience every day, and gain a new perspective on the role of schools in preparing students for success in the future workforce.

A Hillsborough Education Foundation and Vistra Communications initiative, in partnership with Hillsborough County Public Schools, CEOs in Schools serves to connect business leaders with the workforce of the future. As an initiative under Vistra’s One Day of Change program, CEOs in Schools is a catalyst for big advances that are possible from just one day of change.

CEOs in Schools provides benefits for schools, students, CEOs and the community. Students benefit from meeting positive role models and seeing professionals show an interest in them. CEOs learn about the challenges and opportunities in public schools that are preparing the future workforce. These new relationships between CEOs and principals can result in solutions that make our entire community better. The results are limitless.

One Day Can Make a Difference
CEOs can make an impact in the lives of students and the community.

What’s the story behind this?

Vistra CEO Brian Butler was the CEO mentor to former Mort Elementary School Principal Woodland Johnson, through The Council for Educational Change’s PASS (Partnership to Advance School Success) program.

Brian spent an entire day to better understand the challenges and opportunities within the school. Woodland had Brian teach, plan, serve lunch, and perform a wide range of duties throughout the school. The experience ignited a desire to challenge fellow CEOs to get involved and spend a day in our schools.

Vistra’s relationship with Mort Elementary continues to grow. Today, Brian and the entire Vistra team regularly volunteer, host student leaders at the company headquarters, sponsor teacher appreciation events, and support other school initiatives.

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